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EFT for Kids

Emotional Freedom Technique and Children

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique refers to learning techniques and methods that will make feelings of pain or other emotional distress be released and enhance children's emotional well-being.

In practical terms it refers to adopting simple physical gestures to release anxiety and pain by using tapping and other tools. According to a number of research studies in the field of child psychology, it has been postulated that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) prevents children being dependent on other people and when they grow up.

Studies also show children are less likely to become alcoholics, drug abusers or depressed if they are able to use the strategies of EFT to reduce stressful feelings.

An Explanation of EFT:

There is a scientific and logical explanation for every remedy. You can explain EFT to your kids by explaining the mechanics, physiology and pathology behind the emotional freedom technique.

Our body has two components, a physical one which we can perceive with naked eye, and a energy component that can just be felt but not seen. In the case of anxiety, energy is confined to a specific location and this prevents the free flow of energy.

The part of the body, where energy is stuck gets tender and by gentle tapping and massaging over that part energy can be made to flow freely again.

Emotional Freedom Technique

There are a variety of emotional freedom techniques (EFT) for kids and for adults. Parents should practice this and also teach their children to use these EFT techniques to dissipate their daily stresses and tensions.

Tools such as :

  • Massaging temples with the tip of fingers in a circular motion, this is a great technique when a child is experiencing stress or headache. Children using EFT can relief their stressful feelings themselves once they are familiar with the technique.
  • Hugging oneself by embracing oneself with both arms. When a child is worried, scared or frightened of any stimulus like dark, thundering clouds or invisible creatures this is a great technique.
  • Massage for kids gives full body relaxation. Regular massage is very helpful. Shoulder and neck massage is especially beneficial after a long stressful day.
  • Rubbing your eye brows and eyes after reading or studying for long gives a soothing effect to the eyes and brain and also induces sleep.

Advantages of Emotional Freedom Technique for Children

This technique has literally helped people of all ages and backgrounds perform side effect free relaxation methods.

It is classified under Energy Psychology Procedures originated in Asia. This has also been used by a variety of researchers over time, especially those dealing with Chinese Energy Medicine, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and Applied Kinesiology.

EFT for kids

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