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Anger Books for Kids

Bibliotherapy for Kids Who Need to Manage Rage

Children sometimes feel mad or even rage at situations. Teaching children to manage their feelings is an important part of growing up. 

By using bibliotherapy or, using books to manage feelings and emotions, parents and teachers can help children through these difficult feelings. It is not that we want to teach children not to be angry, for anger has a purpose at times. We want to help students to understand these feeling and emotions, to manage their emotions effectively and to use their feelings in a positive way.

Bibliotherapy Books

These books are a great way to help children learn more about their emotions. Bibliotherapy is wonderful to learn more about managing their rage. It can help for them to see that sometimes people do get mad or angry and can manage their emotions with a positive outcome. To learn the steps of using anger management for kids visit our response to literature page.

Workbooks for Kids

Sometimes a workbook is a helpful tool to make it through feeling mad. These workbooks were specially designed for kids to help them learn more about why they become angry and what they can do to manage their rage and angry feelings.

Books for Teens

Teens have a lot to deal with. Is your teen mad? Full of rage? The tips and techniques in these books will help you manage this time in your lives and work through the anger to a more positive outlook.

Books for Parents and Teachers

Do you need a book to find out more about anger management and children? The resources below are a helpful selections to delve more deeply into the subject. 

Anger Books

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