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Anger Management Toys

Get Over Angry Feelings with Games 

Anger management toys are a fun way to deal with a hard topic. How do we control or manage our anger? Why do we become angry? Does it have a purpose? Games and toys are great ways to think about what feelings we have.

What are the physical symptoms of becoming mad? Does rage result in poor decisions? Do we hurt others? All these questions can be explored through the toys and games below. Anger games and stress toys can also help us release stress and manage the feelings more appropriately.

Feelings Board Games

Board games can teach kids many different skills all while having fun. Enjoy these games with your child and promote better management of these types of feelings. Board games can be a particularly good way of helping anger management in teenagers.


This fun board game is a hit with all who play it! The purpose of The Anger Game is to aid kids in developing positive ideas and tips to manage their angry feelings. Suitable for all ages and for 2-6 players it is a great way to explore management of rage and mad feelings in a pleasant way.

Learning how to manage angry feelings is a crucial part of social and emotional learning. The Remote Control Anger Control game proposes various scenarios dealing with anger. Kids love playing this cool game.

Great Toys and Activities to Manage Angry Feelings

More great toys to reduce mad feelings include a ball to start talking about anger. The ball has lot of questions and discussion points and how to manage it effectively. Suitable for Grade 1 to Grade 6.

Anger Management Toys

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