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Top 10 Art Therapy Ideas for Kids

Building Emotional Intelligence Through Art

Art therapy for kids has been defined as using artistic methods as a therapeutic tool. It helps children learn to draw from and express their feelings.

Artistic endeavors and emotional intelligence development go hand in hand as this type of therapy can be used as a catalyst for healing and emotional expression. While communication through words can be limited, and for a child difficult, artistic work and emotional expression has no such limits. As children create, draw and paint, a therapist can draw out from a child what he or she is feeling.

Treatment can be administered based on the strengths, weaknesses, interests and concerns of the child. Art therapy, however, doesn't have to be for 'healing' per say, it can be a means of relaxation.

Children gaining emotional expression through creating artwork is a great and helpful tool for relaxing and reflecting. Most therapy sessions include one or more of the following; painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and other visual art expression.

What are some art therapy ideas to use with children?

10 Tips for Artistic Expression

How can kids benefit from this? Lets take a look at ten ways these art therapy ideas can be used with children.

  1. These skills can help improve mental well-being and emotional state
  2. As mentioned it is a good way to relieve stress, anxiety or tension in a child or adolescent
  3. There may be no medical reason to enroll in this type of therapy, some choose it as a creative outlet- whether adults or children, that is something we all need
  4. It improves self-awareness and promotes awareness of others
  5. Personal development is another reason to use it, it helps children be well-rounded and grounded. It also aids in coping with trauma or traumatic experiences. 
  6. It helps young ones cope with feelings and express them in a way that helps them to heal
  7. Art therapy improves children's self-esteem and confidence . It can help manage behavioral problems such as caused by ADHD or other issues. It can be used to help young ones perform better in school, concentrate and focus better. Finally, art therapy has proven to be very beneficial for children with learning disabilities and special needs, including those with autism
  8. hese are some ways that parents have used artistic expression. By allowing their children the freedom to express themselves, while having a therapist present to guide the process, many benefits are reaped. The sessions are fun as children use their imaginations to create.
  9. Even if one feels they have no artistic talent, it can still be therapeutic and beneficial (beauty is subjective anyway!). Whether you have a young child or a teenager art therapy may be something you should look into. There are many ways this type of therapy can be used and just as many reasons.
  10. Give your child a way to creatively express themselves and learn about what and how they feel. You may find that you can benefit from a session or two yourself!

Art Therapy Ideas for Kids

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