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Back to School Anxiety

Help Kids Overcome Anxious Feelings about School

Back to school anxiety can be pretty high in some kids while others look forward to it with glee. If it's your child first time at a school, then their anxiety may be very high. Be a good parent and don't tease them, but offer them support, whatever type of support they need. Going back to school can lead some kids to extreme stress and anxiety because they last time they were at school they didn't do very well. or they might have boyfriend/girlfriend problems. Or they might have done something in the last days of school they are going to be called about.

Of course, it depends on the child but for the most part kids are a very excited and a little anxious due to going to the nesxt grade, which is an unknown to them. That's what causes the anxiety.

10 Steps to Reduce Anxiety

1. To relieve the stress and anxiety be sure to remind them about all they did last year. When the unknown becomes known, and they lose their anxiety.

2. You might also want to show them pictures of their last year in school and mention the differences they can expect.

3. You can also take them to visit the school a few days before the start of school, just so they remember it and can find their way around again. A stroll around the campus talking to the teachers will help calm them down.

4. Don't prevaricate. Answer their question honestly.

5. Let them know you're going to be around to help with their new homework and lessons.

6. Hopefully, you have been working with them throughout the summer to keep their skill at the level they were when they left last year. If not, spend a few weeks getting them back on track. Don't try to do it a day before school begins.

7. Help them be confident at school. Teach them good study habits. No TV while doing their homework, music is an option you'll have to decide, it's a personal choice. Teach them how to focus on studying and enjoy play time later. Teach them how to research on the Internet. the Internet is load with all the information they need write reports, do essays, and reviews. Be sure to teach them about plagiarism. And how not to do it! By motivating your child to learn these skills they will develop intrinsic motivation.

8. For younger kids and even teenagers, you might have them create a large calendar to plan their days, which may include test, homework time, projects, and other school related items. Also, teach them time management. They are never too young to learn how to manage their time.

9. Teach them to read aloud. Use bedtime or other times to have them read their favorite book to you. The more they read the better they will do at school. Their back to school anxiety will soon disappear.

10. Do the snuggle. No matter how old your child is they never get tired of a snuggle. The tactile contact gives them a sense of security, which will reduce their anxiety level.Try nightime yoga as well as this is a great stress reducer!

Back to School Anxiety

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