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What are the Benefits of Optimism?

Why Being Optimistic Makes you Happier!

Optimism is the opposite of pessimism. It is seeing a positive outcome in situations or thinking the best will happen. The benefits of optimism are many. Teaching our children to be optimistic is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

-Winston Churchill

Top Ten Benefits of Optimism

Optimists are.....

1. Less likely to become depressed

2. Feel happier on a daily basis

3. Manage stress more effectively

4. Enjoy life more

5. Have lower anxiety levels

6. Don't blame self when things go wrong

7. Less likely to get sick with things like the common cold

8. Able to relax more quickly

9. Take stumbling blocks in stride

10.Good role models for others

Being Realistic

Being optimistic is great, but we must be weary of unrealistic optimism. This is when people become overly optimistic to the point of being unrealistic.

For example, all though all is pointing towards a negative outcome the person ignores all these clues and continues to think a highly positive outcome will happen. This can cause situations to become worse as the unrealistic optimist doesn't plan for situations and continues to blindly think the inevitable will not happen.

Building optimism is key to developing a positive outlook. Read more about learned optimism here. Here you will find ideas to help develop your child's optimistic outlook on life!

The optimist says........

  • the glass is half full, the pessimist says it is half empty.
  • we're almost there, the pessimist says we're late again.
  • it looks like we might see a rainbow today, the pessimist says rain, again.
  • I tried my best, the pessimist says I am never good enough.
  • life is full of surprises, the pessimist says I hate surprises.
  • there is a lesson in every mistake, the pessimist says my life is ruined. 

Benefits of Optimism

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