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Bibliotherapy and Children

What is bibliotherapy? It is using stories and kid's books to promote discussion and is a wonderful way to communicate and get to know the true feelings of your child. It can also help with behavior issues and developing character. Children's books can be found about topics such as divorce, self image, sexuality, bullying or other hard to discuss subjects.

Bibliotherapy List

Stories about Divorce

Divorce is something many kids have to face nowadays. Children often blame themselves for divorce. Bibliotherapy using kid's books such as the ones here help children to express how their are coping with this major change in their lives. 

Stories about Moving

Facing a move is a challenging experience for anyone. Kids may experience mixed emotions and be unsure how to express their feelings. Moving abroad is an even bigger challenge as children experience the emotions of fear, anger and excitement all at once. Bibliotherapy books are ideal to help them face a move. 

Sammy's Next Move is a great bibliotherapy book for children moving overseas.

Stories about Bullying

Bullying is something very difficult for children to go through. It can affect their self esteem and cause nightmares, poor health and missed school days. Books are ideal to stop this type of behavior or to get victims to open up and discuss their feelings. These types of stories can be useful in developing strategies for the victims of bullying.

Stories about Starting School

Starting school can be both an exciting and a scary experience for little ones. Reading books about it can help your child know what to expect and also help them to express their feelings. They will learn it is normal to feel nervous and scared and can develop better coping skills. Children's response to literature is a great way to discuss this issue.

Stories about Sexuality

Children are curious about changes in their bodies and what it means for them. Being open and frank about sex can sometimes be embarrassing for parents. Use of bibliotherapy to help open up the conversation is highly effective. I highly recommend these books- they are really great and make topics easy to talk about and encourage questions and open dialogue.

Stories about Feelings

Children need encouragement to label and discuss their feelings and emotions at times. Bibliotherapy books are the perfect way to bring up a variety of feelings and to find the root cause of them. Discussions on how to manage feelings can stem from these talks.

Stories to Build Self Esteem

Kids needs to read books that can help them feel good about themselves. Bibliotherapy and goal setting go hand in hand and can help to motivate children to develop positive goals resulting in higher self esteem.

These responses to literature will help your child open up in a non-threatening way. Make sure you use active listening skills when using this approach so your child can express his/her emotions clearly.

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Bibliotherapy Children's Books

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