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Bibliotherapy Literature for Teens

Bibliotherapy can be a helpful tool to support teenagers through some of the turbulent times of the teenage years. The teenage years are tough! Hormones are raging, social media is playing a bigger and bigger role in kids lives, cyberbullying and other forms of Internet media are part of many teens daily experiences. Literature can help teens to deal with some of the problems or issues they may face. Using books to help with emotional issues is known as bibliotherapy.

This list of books for teens is a great resource for parents or teachers. Use it as a starting point to think about how books can help teens manage their emotions effectively.

Books about Death and Grief

These books are good ones to help teens deal with death and grief. Each story presents a teen facing the death of a loved one and gives insight into the coping strategies these teenagers used to manage their emotions.

Books about Eating Disorders

Teens are often self-conscious their bodies. Although it is usually girls that are affected, boys may also suffer issues relating to body image. These books can help teens as they relate to the characters in the books.

Drug Abuse Books 

Drugs are often a hard topic to discuss with teens, especially if you suspect drug use. Sometimes reading a book about a teen in a similar situation can help teens make better decisions. It can also provide a better starting point for discussions. DVD's are another good way to discuss issues related to drug use with your teen as movies can provide the opening you need to bring up the topic in a friendly manner.

Bibliotherapy Literature for Teens

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