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Biology of the Brain

Emotions and our Thinking Patterns

How our emotions are made? What does the reptilian brain do? The brain is a complicated organ, as are our emotions. There is a distinct connection between the two, but what exactly is the nature of emotions in this vital organ?

There are several ways that emotions and the brain work together. One is by a quick reaction to external stimuli. An example might be crying at a wedding or screaming on a roller coaster. It sees what is happening in front of you and comes up with the most logical response. These emotions may include fear, joy, fright, sadness, or anger, just to name a few.

Common Chemicals in the Brain

Our emotions are also affected by the chemicals in our brain. The three most well known chemicals are:

Dopamine – this is the feel good chemical our brain releases and is a type of positive reinforcement. It provides us with a feeling of happiness and well being and may stimulate us to repeat the action to again receive the chemical.

Norepinephrine - this chemical serves an important purpose, by helping us to control our stress levels. It can reduce anxiety and calm us in situations where it is required.

Serotonin – learning and memory are linked to this chemical. It may also be linked with the regeneration of cells, which serves to alleviate depression.

When assessing the connection between our biology of the brain and our emotions it’s important to look at how this organ is divided. We’ve all heard the terms “left-brained” and “right-brained” and we have these terms for a reason. The two halves of the brain control different functions and have distinct responsibilities. The right brain is visual, while the left is verbal.

The right brain stores memory, while the left is continually cleaning house to make room for the new. The right is non-rational, and the left is rational. The right brain is intuitive while the left is logical. You get the picture. So it stands to reason that when it comes to emotions, the right and left brains will work together in some fashion. The way it works is this: the right side is the expert at analyzing your negative emotions such as fear, anger or anxiety. And the left deciphers them and comes up with a logical means to respond.

There is a fascinating connection between the brain and emotions, and so much more about the reptilian brain that we don’t know as well. 

Biology of the Brain

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