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Find the Best Resources

Books are an important part of any home or school. These readings will help parents and teachers understand more about Happiness Classroom. There are also stories listed below to help children with different EI issues.

Whether you use books as a tool to develop your own Happiness Classroom or as a resource for use with children, they provide an array of information for everyone.

For Parents and Teachers

These books are full of research, practical activities and information that will help both teachers or parents to develop the EQ of the children in their care. Read more here about Developing Children's Happiness Classroom.

General EQ Books

These books are for those who want to learn more about the topic. Read more here about the Happiness Classroom Quickbook.

Motivation, Optimism and Empathy

These books are about the topics of motivation, optimism and empathy. They will give parents and teachers a look into the strategies that are most effective and why.

Children's Books

These are general overview books, a good way to develop your child's literacy about feelings.


Primary Aged Kids

These stories will help children of primary school age develop their emotional literacy skills and learn about common feelings.


These carefully selected resources will help develop an awareness in teens about their feelings. Books for children can help developing children's response to literature. This is an great way to let children naturally discuss their feelings. This way of using stories is called bibliotherapy. It can be a great way to let children discuss their feelings, especially when they are feeling uncomfortable or resistant as they can discuss them through the characters in the stories.


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