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Character Education and Literature

Develop Perseverance, Fairness, Courage & More with Books

Books on character education and literature are a great way to teach children values, ethics and virtues.

The character education story is a fabulous way to use books to help kids think about and discuss the different values they encounter. This use of
bibliotherapy helps children to understand how people can use values in daily life and what happens when people don't follow their values.

Children's response to literature can be quite important in guiding the discussion or exploring the need for further resources to tackle issue. It may also be the source of inspiration for a project or a piece of volunteer work for kids!

Character Education can be enhanced by using the literature listed below in the classroom or in the home.

Trustworthiness : Books for Learning

Trustworthiness is virtue that is so important to cultivate at home and at school. Children' need explicit instruction and discussion on values- do not assume kids will just 'pick it up'. By using stories like the ones below we can help kids to see what happens when this value is not adhered to and the positive feelings and rewards associated with doing the right thing.

Perseverance : Bibliotherapy to Build Values

Perseverance is a virtue that is rapidly disappearing in today's world. Children today give up to easily. Perhaps because of the advent of technology or the instant gratification aspect of society today, children need to be taught to try and try again until they accomplish something they have set a goal for. This will also help to develop their intrinsic motivation.

Using Books to Build Courage

Are today's children courageous? Would they stand up to a bully or report instances of cyberbullying? Having the courage to stand up for what is right and put a stop to things you don't agree with is a trait we need to instill in children today.

Honesty Books 

Honesty, along with trustworthiness (above)are virtues we need to explicitly explore with kids. Using books to entice reactions to the books, a form of bibliotherapy.


Loyalty is a trait that we need to show children the meaning of. When should a child be loyal and when should they seek help for their friend? What is the difference? There are a host of issues to discuss with loyalty as a value. these books are a good first step to use in circle time at school or before bed at home.

Character Education and Literature

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