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Nurturing a Child's Potential

Ten Steps to Help Your Kids Thrive

Every parent wants to help reach their child's potential. We all want the best for our children, but are we doing everything we can to help them reach their full potential? There are so many ways in which we can encourage and support our children through their school life and the positive influence of parents is vital in helping a child reach his/her full potential.

Here, we share some of the things that parents can do in order to help their children succeed:

1. Take an interest in what your child is doing. If your child thinks that you are interested in what he or she is learning, then they will make more effort to understand what they are being taught.

2. Create a loving bond with your child. Children who feel loved and cared for are happier and more comfortable with who they are. This gives them the confidence to be themselves which is important for self-development.

3. Encourage your child to have interests. We all enjoy doing different things and most children will happily sit in front of a games console for hours on end. Get them to take a break from the hand-eye coordination practice, and focus on something else. Whether it’s a drama class, music lessons or sewing and knitting, an interest or hobby that is not school related will allow your child to think for him or herself.

4. Get them involved with what you are doing. Most children love helping in the kitchen, even if it’s just licking the frosting out of the bowl! Show them how the scales work and ask them to measure out the flour or butter. By allowing them to use weights and measures at home, they learn how these are used.

5. Help your child by reciting times tables. We were taught them parrot fashion within the classroom. My parents didn’t even know what times tables were. Maths isn’t just for the classroom though; we all need to use them at some point, whether it’s at the till in the supermarket, or figuring out how many days are left until payday! If your child thinks that you know your times tables, they’ll want to learn them too.

6. Take an active interest in your child’s homework. Homework can be a chore for any child, but it’s made much more difficult if parents are unable to offer advice or help. A lot of schools now offer courses which allow you to learn the techniques your child will be learning, so that you can help them at home too. Take advantage of these courses as they will ultimately help you as well.

7. Listen to your child read. It is an important part of self-development, and children need to be able to read confidently before they reach high school. There is much more to reading than just listening to your child read, so many texts have hidden meanings or double entendres. Think about what your child is reading and ask them questions about what they have read as it will expand their understanding of the text.

8. Help your child to set goals. We are all set targets as part of our working lives, we have deadlines to meet and it is important that your child knows how important it is to set targets and goals for themselves. By setting goals for themselves, children understand that these are personal achievements and are fantastic for building confidence, especially when they are met.

9. Teach your child how to meet deadlines for targets. A child will follow your example, so if you regularly fail to meet targets or deadlines, then it is likely that you will pass this onto your child. However, you can prove to your child that targets can be met if they plan in advance. Show your child how to plan for an event or new car. These targets might be difficult, but with hard work and sacrifice they become achievable.

10. Don’t make it all about education! Children learn best when they are doing something creative, so allow them the chance to let their imagination run riot. They’re not children for long!

With the tips above help your child reach his potential will be a piece of cake! Each child's potential is available to be fulfilled- all children are special and have unique gifts!

Child's Potential

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