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Community Service for Kids

10 Amazing Projects

Community service can be one of the most rewarding types of education. Being involved in the community allows children to feel a sense of belonging and ownership, and creates safer and friendlier neighborhoods.

In tight knit communities, people are more likely to ‘give back’ and utilize their skills and potential to activities and resources they feel to be in their own interest. Getting children involved in their community at a young age allows them to understand and feel responsible for the environment, developing a sense of connection to where they live which allows for a more positive development of the community. Community service helps build children's bond with their community.

Below are ten ideas for community service projects that are suitable for children of elementary school age. Known for their limitless energy, these projects will put their enthusiasm to good use and benefit the community or environment where they live.

10 Service Projects for Kids

1. Planting flowerbeds and saplings, or maintaining community gardens. Projects such as this one are particularly good for children as they are able to visibly see their efforts grow into something beautiful in a space of days, months and weeks.

Not only does it educate children about the basics of gardening, plants and seeds but it is a visual benefit for everyone in the community. This is a great example of an easy and simple community service project that can be put in place.

2. Hosting a fete or bake sale to raise money for the community. As clique as these events may seem, they really do work in getting the whole community involved and provide a multitude of jobs and tasks that children of elementary school age can accomplish.

Not just limited to baking, children can create unique gifts to sell at a fete or be in charge of collecting money for donations. With the help of an adult they can be responsible for taking money and giving change for purchased items, and are able to see the fund grow over the day giving a sense of achievement.

3. Being sponsored for something. Again, this raises money for the community and children can have a lot of fun coming up with innovative ways to raise money. Not just limited to sponsored runs and walks, children compete in a sponsored silence or even be sponsored to wear a silly outfit to school. The options are endless and provide a lot of fun.

4. Volunteering. This could involve helping out at an elderly care home, an animal shelter or even a children’s hospital. Volunteering time to the vulnerable will provide enriching experience to children, as well as benefiting those who they are helping.

Simple tasks such as reading aloud to the visually impaired, writing postcards and letters to sick children or helping to raise money for the local animal shelter are examples of beneficial and fulfilling activities.

5. Gift donation. A service like this may be run by your local church or community center around times like Christmas. Have a group of children each bring in one toy from home that they no longer use and create a gift donation pack to send to charity. Explain to the children why you are sending the gifts and educating them about less fortunate people will help them become more grounded and appreciative of what they have. Another great project that builds empathy and care.

6. Write letters to the local MP. If the community is in need of things like more street lighting, CCTV or community funding have the children write letters to the local MP. Explain to the children why these new community features are important, and show them how to write a polite letter explaining this. Even if you are not successful, teaching children how to approach higher authority in this way may be beneficial to them later in life.

7. Deliver a food hamper to a worthy cause. This may be for a retirement home, a soup kitchen or a group run by the community center for example. If a group of children each brings in one or two food items from home, they could create a gift hamper to donate. By handing this to the people who run the cause directly, children will be able to see the difference they have made and allow them to feel good about what they have achieved.

8. Clean up the community. Volunteering as a litter picker for a few hours in a community area will make a huge visual difference. This will provide a good opportunity to teach the children about the importance of throwing away rubbish and the dangers that litter can cause especially in ponds, rivers and lakes. Your local council should be able to provide the correct litter picking equipment

9. Encourage recycling. Teach the children which material goes into each colored bin, and explain how old products are turned into new products with less damage to the environment. Arrange a recycling collection each week, where children can sort materials and place them into the correct bins.

10. Practical projects. Find out from the local council or community center if there are and hands on projects that are suitable for children. This could include painting benches or fences, or even setting up tables and chairs in the community center boardroom. Be aware of the different types of projects that are available and allow children to be hands on with helping out.

These are just ten examples of ways children can become involved in the community, but the options are limitless. Being aware of the different schemes and activities that are held in the local community will allow more opportunity to becoming involved, so be alert to what is going on.

Responsible children who genuinely care about their environment will make for more responsible adults. Teaching children in a way that is practical and exciting as well as educating them on the importance of community will lead to better environments for generations to come.

Community service should be a priority in every school and home!

Community Service for Kids

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