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Confidence for Kids

Help Your Child Become More Confident

Building confidence for kids is so important. Once a child has lost his confidence and self-esteem, rebuilding it can be a tricky task. You want to allow it to come naturally and foster the growth of their new self image, not force it upon them. You’ve to tow the line, moving only when needed, and never pushing or prodding too hard. If you do, the results could be catastrophic as he feels like he has to have you nearby to function.

One strategy you can use is positive reinforcement. This is a very simple strategy: when something good happens in their life, as a result of his actions, make sure they know that they caused it. Reward them: pizza, ice cream, or let him stay up late one night but even better is to try to use intrinsic rewards such as helping your child to note their feelings of success. The connection you’re trying to foster is that good things can happen because he wants them to: you aren’t making them happen as a parent, he is.

Another strategy you may use to build confidence for kids is conversing with your child, and making sure they know that bad things don’t always happen because they deserve it. You can reinforce this with affirmations : you want your child to know that, although they may be going through difficult times, they aren’t worthless or any less of a person because they’re going through difficulties.

The most effective method for rebuilding confidence though, is to foster creativity: when your child looks at something they’ve created, they feel an intense surge of pride. Nothing can build a new self image as quickly as a creative burst by your child: this is true no matter the form of expression, be it art, drawing, or writing. You want to be there for your child, showing them what they create reflected in your emotions. Don’t demean them, though: if they want to improve, help them improve. Show them the way to get better at their new hobby.

No matter the method you choose, you must remember that your child comes first. What they want, their hopes and dreams, are what you must reinforce: show them that their thought, their opinion matters. There’s no way to build self-confidence without doing that; unless they create it for themselves, you can’t force them to have self-worth or self-esteem. You must be there to foster their growth, but not to shove and prod them into situations they don’t choose. With that in mind, you can do your best to help improve your child’s confidence.

Confidence for Kids

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