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Cyber-bullying and Technology 

Techniques to Stop Attacks on the Internet

Cyberbullying is an epidemic sweeping the world as more and more children and teenagers use the Internet and other types of media to communicate. We need to work together to stop these attacks.

Internet bullying is tough and children often try to hide the fact they are being bullied as they feel embarrassed. Ensuring an open line of communication is essential.

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Sexting : Protect your Child from Making a Costly Mistake

What does sexting have to do with bullying? Well, teenagers often feel pressured or bullied into sending or receiving such images and texts.

The increased use of sexting, that is sending explicit messages related to sex or photos of body parts is another worry parents have to face. Schools and families need to bring these discussions out in the open as these things are happening and we need to warn children, especially teenagers of the consequences of such actions. 

1. Remind you child that once in cyberspace, it is very difficult to remove. That means anything sent or posted could follow you around for life.

2. Ask your child to let you know if they have made a mistake and need help to rectify it. It is much better to let a trusted adult know and try to control the situation rather than letting it grow out of control.

Have you seen the movie Cyberbullying? This would be a great film to watch together with your child and then to discuss the issue. Just like using books and bibliotherapy the more you talk and have the issue out in the open, the more likely it is that your child will come to you if they have an issue. Bibliotherapy to explore issues and feelings related to topics such as bullying, cinematherapy can be used to promote similar discussions and links to the emotions of the characters in the movies.

Cyber-bullying and Technology

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