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Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence

Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence is a great resource for parents and teachers who want to help improve kids EQ.

This book is an amazing resource for all educators or parents who want their children to learn the skills of EQ.

Order your Emotional Intelligence Books :Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence (Continuum Education) Today! Rated 5 stars this bestseller in the field of emotional intelligence has been translated into Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew and is sold worldwide.

Authors Shahnaz Bahman and Helen Maffini are passionate educators who have been working globally to accelerate children's EQ. As Emotional Intelligence Trainers they have worked with teachers, schools and government bodies to help children's emotional intelligence increase.

Get you copy today! Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence

Seventeen chapters full of activities, practical activities as well as the research and theory behind them, this books is a the EQ resource all teachers and parents need.

Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence

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