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Divorce Books for Kids

Help Children Through Conflict

These types of books are an important part of helping kids through the emotions of divorce. Bibliotherapy, or using stories to cope with different emotional situations can be a helpful and important part of emotional recovery. Using stories such as the ones below will allow children to express their feelings, realize that others are facing the same emotions and feelings.

Conflict and Divorce, Help your Teen Cope

Teenagers are going through so much at this time in their lives. Adding in a divorce is another turmoil for a teen. The books below, including workbooks for teens will be very useful to help teenagers through a difficult time.

Guides to help Families Cope with Divorce

Parents who are separating need guidance to help their kids manage the situation successfully. The resources below are excellent resources for parents to use to help manage the situation with less pain and more emotional intelligence.

Divorce Books for Kids

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