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Emotion Toys

Great Products to Develop Well-being

There are many products that are available to promote emotional intelligence in children. Emotional intelligence toys are great to help kids express emotions or develop literacy in the area. Here is a look at four such products and their benefits.

Kimochis Mixed Feelings Pouch

This collection of 34 small cards are beautifully but simply illustrated with different emotions. The colorful children's faces are expressive and help young ones identify various emotions. It is a good tool to help you move out of the realm of the basic happy and sad. The cards are conveniently sized and held together on a ring. They are perfect for on the go. Take them anywhere. By helping your little ones identify different emotions, they develop a better sense of self and an appreciation for the feelings of others.

Emotion Mania Thumball

Children naturally love games, adults do too. This innovative toy has different emotions printed on it. Included with the product is a manual outlining different games that can be played according to age and ability. Adults may even find some of these fun! These panels are a way to encourage discussion. Emotional development and intelligence will be developed through playing these games and having open communication with young ones. Another benefit from this ball is that it has seen good results with adults, even adults suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. This is a fun game that will not soon be outgrown and can be used by the entire family. 

This tool can be used in classrooms with just as much benefit. This creative toy is a gem in the emotional development arsenal. It is a fabric chart with a face included are removable pieces. Eyes, noses, mouths, eyebrows even hair and jewelry are available to allow your child to create the emotion they feel or what they notice on others. These can be arranged to create expressions and feelings. This thoughtful process increases a young ones awareness of emotions and what they look like. It helps them identify emotions in themselves and in other people. Along with that, it gives you insight as to what a child is thinking and feeling and how they view different emotions. So if you are looking for a bit of insight into your little ones mind and heart, this is a great product to try out. It is a lot of fun too!

Leapfrog Tag Junior Sesame Street Monitor Faces Book

This delightful book is complete with 24 activities and over 150 audio responses. The colorful and lovable characters from Sesame Street are always a big hit. Here they are helping your child to identify and recognize emotions. Along with being fun and interactive, little ones will gain confidence in their abilities and that is always beneficial. Read it together and discuss what your child already knows, and what they are learning. This is a great product in that your child will recognize and be able to relate to their favorite characters. Emotional intelligence is an important skill to pass on to your children.

Emotion Toys

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