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Emotional Intelligence Consultant

Author Helen Maffini

Helen Maffini, an emotional intelligence and international education consultant has worked in reform projects in the field of education around the globe. She works on several television shows as well as training, consulting and writing.

She wrote the kid's book Sammy's Next Move, about the emotional resilience and emotional needs of children moving abroad

She is also author of the best selling book Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence, along with Shahnaz Bahman. This is a text for educators and parents designed to develop EI skills in kids.

An expert in the area of Emotional Intelligence (EI) she has conducted workshops and been a speaker at events worldwide. Helen is a certified EQ trainer and NLP practitioner. She has presented papers at conferences inBahrain, UAE, Hong Kong, USA and Australia.

She has been featured in numerous newspapers including The Telegraph, USA Today and The National

Contact Helen

Helen Maffini c/o

Emotional Intelligence Education

42 Waterbridge Drive Nepean, ON Canada

Emotional Intelligence Consultant

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