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Emotional Intelligence in Business

Emotional intelligence has been defined as the understanding or perception of emotions in oneself and others and the impact they have on attitude and behavior.

This information is of great importance in maintaining relationships, not only within the family unit, but at work or with whoever you may meet. Especially at work, for both supervisors and employees, knowing how to work as a team, reducing stress and customer complaints can have a positive effect for all involved.

How does EI work in the business world? What are the benefits to implementing EI training in the workplace and what are some tips to do so?

Better communication is imperative for the success of any business. Good communication starts with good listening skills and the ability to focus and understand the person speaking. This type of communication is beneficial to all, managers, supervisors, employees and customers.

Where there is empathy and open communication, team work and mutual respect will follow. Reducing stress, fewer disputes and being able to diffuse difficult situations will make life at the job easier. The company will run more efficiently and a happy staff means a more productive staff.

Advantages of EI in Business

There are many other advantages to displaying emotional intelligence in business too. Here are a few tips to help begin the implementing of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

To begin, learning to be a good listener, to focus, is a great first step to being an emotionally intelligent individual. Its advantage on the job is well worth the effort. To improve listening skills, really try to understand the person you who is speaking and their point of view. Stay focused and build trust. This inevitably leads to better communication.

Next, relationships should be about give and take. When a person is a taker, they rob others of peace. They are not team players. To be a contributing member of a team- business or otherwise- you need to be able to give. Be generous with your colleagues. This leads to harmony and a less stressful environment. To do this, one must practice being responsible, thoughtful and mature in their actions, way of speaking and in handling stress.

Each person has a limit as far as the amount of stress they can tolerate. For those who work with someone with a short fuse, working together in stressful situations can be that much more difficult. A person with a high emotional intelligence will be thoughtful, mature and responsible. This means not giving in to immature expressions of frustration or impatience.

Developing emotional intelligence in business can be an asset worth pursuing. Already making its way into how large companies and businesses operate, this approach is just good sense. Whether you want your corporation torun smoothly, work better with others or reduce the stress you feel at the job, EI fosters respect and responsible business practice.

Emotional Intelligence in Business

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