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IQ vs EQ

What is Emotional Intelligence Quotient?

What is the difference between IQ and EQ?

An IQ test is a traditional test of one’s intelligence. It is a pure test of various mental abilities that comprise overall intelligence. This is good for ascertaining an individual’s overall intelligence, and how capable they are of learning and understanding certain topics.

However what it does not take into account is how one can function in an emotional state as well as a cerebral state. As having technical and logical skills is only one side of life. The other is the ability to use your core intelligence to function in social and interactional situations.

This is not directly connected to one’s IQ; in fact it is completely separate. Therefore to test one’s ability to be self aware, socially aware, confident and able to handle themselves in emotionally difficult situations another test is needed. This test does exist and is known as an EQ test, EI test or an emotional intelligence quotient.

The content tested in an EI test, and the results of an emotional intelligence quotient, are often linked to one’s potential success in the workplace. This is due to the personal nature and social interactional elements involved in doing well in a career.

The results of EQ tests are said to be equally or sometimes more important to success in life than IQ test results. This is because the results of an IQ test merely give an indication of intelligence, and they are not linked to any other area.

It is near impossible to make any judgments about a person other than their intelligence, based on the results of an intelligence test. However with an EI test one can draw a number of conclusions and secondary information is often gathered. This is because the tests are more situational and reveal more than meets the eye.

Emotional intelligence tests are being favored more and more by employers in today’s job selection process. This is because they feel that you can draw a lot more useful information out of the process. It reveals how they may act in certain important situations in the workplace, and how they will deal with a job’s environmental variables and pressures.

This is useful for environments where one may need to not only perform complex tasks on an intellectual level, but may also need a high level of social interaction to succeed.

Overall it can be seen that both types of tests both IQ and EQ serve a valid purpose. Neither is perfect in its own right, but using both can build a much more rounded picture of an individual.

It can also be said that tests such as EQ tests can be altered or manipulated by the test taker. If an individual knows what the outcome is supposed to be they can think and act as they know they should. So there are still some flaws in totally unveiling the person’s emotional intellectual capabilities or tendencies.

Emotional Intelligence Quotient

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