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Emotional Intelligence Test and Quizzes

EQ Assessments and Exams

Do you want to try an emotional intelligence test today? There are a variety of fun tests for EQ as well as a host of validated and reliable EQ assessments for different purposes. Depending on what you are looking for I hope you will find a quiz or tests that suits you here!

Reliable and Validated EI Tests

Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test or the MSCEIT is cited as the most reliable and validated EI test currently available by many researchers. This test looks at four aspects:

  • Perceiving Emotions
  • Facilitating Thought
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Managing Emotions

A child version is being created and will be released soon. See MSCEIT for more information

The Emotional Quotient Inventory by Reuven BarOn is a well known EQ test which was established in the 1990's. It is well respected by academic researchers. There is an adult and a child version available. See Reuven BarOn's EQ-i for more info

The aim of the EQ116 designed by My Skills Profile test is to improve the comprehension of the feelings and emotions of yourself and others and to offer you an insight in to your EI level compared to others. The test measures 16 different competencies. EIQ16 Emotional Intelligence Test offer information on this test

Talent Smart offers a 10 minute online test that reviews results for the four main components of emotional intelligence: overall EQ, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. More at EQ Talent Smart Assessment

Hay Group, Richard Boyatzis and Daniel Goleman developed the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory. Based on Daniel Goleman's Framework it is an excellent test of EI. See more at ECSI

The Institute for Health and Human Potential offers a free EQ test. They also have facilities for completing a 360 view of your EQ which would show how others perceive you. Details at The Insituite for Health and Human Potential EQ test

Finally, 6seconds.org offers a range of tests that are used worldwide and measure various aspects of EQ. Visit6seconds or more information.

Quizzes for Fun and Amusement

This free emotional intelligence quiz offers a mixture of self-report and situational questions. It is a fun quiz. Try it here at Psychology Fun Test

This quiz from Queendom is a fun and detailed quiz. It evaluates different areas of your emotional intelligence and will offer ways to improve it. A free snapshop report is offered or you can purchase a full report. Visit Queendom Emotional Intelligence Quiz for more details.

Emotional Intelligence Test

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