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Video to Learn about EI

Do you want to watch an emotional intelligence video to help you understand more about the concept? Or maybe you are looking for materials to use in your EQ training? You've come to the right spot. Videos are a great way to learn more about emotional intelligence. Follow the links to these amazing videos to learn about different topics of interest.

General Videos

These video clips are useful:

RATED video with Brené Brown titled The Price of Invulnerability. A great clip on the benefits of letting ourselves feel our feelings

Another insightful video with Brené Brown titled Shame and Empathy. in this video Ms Brown discusses the destructive form of shame and how empathy can help heal. A good video for learning about our connections with other people

Shame and Emapthy

A TEDtalk video with Neil Pasricha's whose blog 1000 Awesome Things talks about life's simple pleasures. He reveals the 3 secrets to leading an awesome life.

Video to Learn about EI

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