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Emotional Understanding

How we Help Others With our Feelings

The strategies and tips here can help you to gain a better understanding of how knowledge of feelings works. Read carefully and think about how you use your feelings and emotions on a given day? Do you make the most of your emotions and actions?

  1. You can't fake empathy. If you truly put yourself in another person's shoes, you will be able to understand how they're feeling. Truly listening to others will increase your feelings.
  2. Let empathy work for you. Involving yourself with others will help you realize how they are feeling.
  3. Set your obsession aside. Think about what others are going through will help you figure out what you would do in the same situation. Try to look at it several different ways.
  4. Notice how others react. Pay attention to how people react to your behavior. Your body can tell them more than your mouth. You might have to put up an effort to interact with others better.
  5. Forgiveness is important when other respond badly. People are always wondering why people behave as they do. Instead of saying what a jerk they are for snapping, find out why they are snapping. They could have heard bad news, lost their job, or have a sick child. If you understand they are under stress, you'll understand their behavior.
  6. Good and bad days. Everyone has them. Try to be understand if they're not behaving in their normal way. Stress can turn the nicest person into a monster for a day.

Emotional Understanding

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