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Emotions and Thought

Emotions and thought go hand in hand, however we need strategies to make the most positive responses come into action.

1. Separate what you think and what you feel. What you feel is not always the same as what you think. To understand your feeling, practice keeping the two separate.

2. Don't sweat the setbacks. Setbacks are going to happen, wallow in the emotions for a few days then let them go. Keeping setbacks alive pushes you in the wrong direction – backward. You want to go forwards. Look to a positive way to make them work for you.

3. Take the good with the bad. You can see things in a different view when you use both the good and bad feelings. You'll be able to solve problems when you're able to think positively because the perspective changes. Good and bad feeling can give you a different view on the world.

4. Don't be the victim! According to Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, "feeling of being a victim leads to learned helplessness." Dr. Seligman is a noted author and expert on positive psychology. Be sure not to blame others for your problems. Take responsibility for your lifelike a warrior. Admit the wrongs and move on to a healthier life. You are the only one who can make a difference to your life!

5. Listen to your gut! Your instinct are that bell that goes off in your head saying "don't do it!" Listen to it when it yells at you. Everyone has a sixth sense that takes in information you don't notice. If you don't pay attention to the voice, you can get burned. Trying to second guess your gut is not a good thing to do.

Emotions and Thought

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