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Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Latest studies suggest that for enhancing emotional intelligence in primary school can play a big role. We tend to carry on a lot of characteristics that we develop quite early in our younger days.

We are not even aware what they are when we get attached to those behavioral traits but after a certain point of time, it becomes irrelevant whether they are right or wrong. They become an integral part of our existence and no matter what; we disagree to let them go.

In every case, to develop emotional intelligence in the early years must play a most significant role. When they start to instill knowledge, basic education and start building a child’s character foundation, it is equally important to stress that enhancing emotional intelligence is a key skill equally important as literacy or numeracy.

While schools tend to emphasise that a student must be proactive with his studies, work on homework, come up with good results and also breakthrough academic learning goals, it is simultaneously important to educate the child on the importance of helping others, feeling for others and sharing emotions with each other.

Naturally, kids sympathize and empathize more than most adults do. If we have to enhance our kid’s emotional intelligence we must contribute to the skills

A child spends most of his active hours in a day with other kids in school and what he learns there takes shape in him. It is easier to change a child than to amend characteristic traits when one is a fully grown adult.

Enhancing emotional intelligence is not an overnight process but constitutes of all the little things that a kid experiences right through his childhood, during the recesses, co-curricular activities and everything that he or she goes through while growing up.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

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