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Emotional Intelligence and Goleman

Psychologist, Daniel Goleman, is internationally known for his lectures and work with emotional intelligence which Goleman says is a set of competencies that are vital to a happy, successful life.

This relatively new concept, which discounts IQ as the sole measure of one’s abilities, has been pronounced by the Harvard Business Review as “a revolutionary, paradigm-shattering idea”. Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence was awarded one of the “Most Influential Business Management Books” in Time Magazine.

Born in California, in the baby boom, Goleman’s parents, both professors; his father teaching humanities and his mother sociology. President of his high school, Daniel earned a leadership scholarship from the Alfred P Sloan Foundation. He was transferred to Berkeley where he majored in anthropology. When Goleman came back to Amherst in his senior year, he graduated magna cum laude in spite of a disappointing academic performance during his freshman year.

He gained a scholarship to Harvard through the Ford Foundation and got a place in the clinical psychology program. Goleman states he was pulled towards exploring the brain from an interdisciplinary outlook and claims that his mentor David C McClelland was creating ways for analyzing the competencies which distinguish excellent performers from average.

Goleman's essential research on leadership, including some of his most-cited material in one comprehensive collection.

Includes new developments which provide further observations on emotional intelligence. This work is an ebook created to explore your comprehension of the term emotional intelligence.

Goleman reveals how the things we purchase or create have consequences for our environment and how effective marketing forces could help implement the changes we need to save the planet.

Goleman’s analysis of the current biological findings on how our relationships affect our lives.

This book investigates how our emotions affect our thoughts, decisions and personal success more than acknowledged. Emotional Intelligence is defined as a feature not measurable through IQ tests, but a group of skills, including management of one’s impulses. Motivation, social ability and empathy are also studied. Goleman’s research and findings provides and intriguing guide to self-mastery.

This book explores ideas first explored in the book Emotion Intelligence into a job setting. Leaders in business are examined by their emotional intelligence competences. This book explains why emotional intelligence is so important in the workplace and how the competencies can lead to success.

Goleman’s ideas on emotional intelligence have revolutionized what is meant by “being smart” and this book presents the case for selecting emotionally intelligent leaders and how these can positively influence the workforce.

How to overcome destructive emotions. A discourse with the Dalai Lama and various psychologists and philosophers, who seek to find out if destructive emotions can be transformed to improve humanity.

A compendium which examines the concepts and strategies involved in measuring and developing emotional intelligence in a work environment.

An essential guide for spiritual seekers, providing an overview on various types of meditation.

An investigation into whether the mind can help in healing the body. Buddhists believe it can and some Western scientists are finding proof that acknowledges this.

A synopsis into how we lie to ourselves when convenient. Goleman reveals how we ruin our relationships and lives by denying our most painful memories.

David Goleman

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