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Gratitude for Kids

Teaching Children to be Grateful

Gratitude is such an important skill to teach kids.

Children can learn self-awareness throughout the year and not just at holidays. Teach the kids how to tell the difference between want and needs as apposed to things to be thankful for and how to recognize them.

Use bedtime or any other time where you and the kids are relaxing and ask the kids to name a want, a need, and a blessing.

You might have to give them some examples such as:

  • Gratitude = a family who spends time together, grandparents who love them
  • Need = food, water, clothing
  • Want = a new toy, IPAD, video game

Spend a few minutes everyday doing this and they will understand what gratitude is and be able to recognize things they are grateful for.

Explain how:

  • They won't always get what they want and why
  • Do they really need it?
  • Thing just make life easier and fun

You can use it as a game to help them through a bad time or just to have them remember how lucky they are to have what they have. When you want something and can’t get it, it helps to remember your blessings. The more children are taught to be grateful and to notice all they have in their lives, they easier it will be for them to feel that way!

Gratitude for Kids

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