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Creating a Gratitude Journal

Journal Writing and Thankfulness!

Today, life is full of stress, anxiety, selfishness, trials and other difficulties that can lead to negative thinking. To help reduce some of this stress and combat a negative approach to life, keeping a gratitude journal can help you make changes for the better. What exactly is a thankfulness journal and how can one go about writing one? The answers to these questions can help shift your point of view to a more positive and beneficial one. Using quotes can been a good way to gain perspective and gratitude in different situations. 

The goal of a gratitude journal is the consciously call attention to things that you are personally grateful for. It can help steer your thinking and ultimately your point of view to a positive and proactive one. When your views and thinking become more positive or even a bit more optimistic, this can help reduce the stress you feel on a regular basis. Here are some tips on starting and keeping a gratitude journal.

Choose a book or notebook in which you can write in every night before you go to bed. Keeping the book within reach of your bed is helpful too. Be sure you have a pen nearby or keep one with your journal for easy access

During the day, take notes- mental or otherwise- about the things that you are happy for. It can include little things, big things and everything in between so you are ready for journal writing.

At the end of the day, write down 5 things that you are grateful for. Review your day, and the list you made. At first, you can be brief and keep it simple. As time progresses, elaborating on what makes you happy, or things you are grateful for, may come easier. Remember, this exercise is a progressive one, you should in time be able to note growth and change.

As each day passes and you continue to consciously look for good things in your life, your outlook on things may begin to change. Even in obstacles and problems, positive things can be found. Some view these as a way to learn, to grow or persevere. They find they are grateful for the ones or things that help them through. Positive approaches to even trying circumstances can prove a benefit to ourselves and to those around us.

Positive thinking can be like a magnet. It draws other positives to us. Make notes of the results you see from writing in your gratitude journal. It may surprise you how effective it can really be.

As each day passes, remember to make the journal personal. There may be days when you just go through the motions, but try to really bring out your best. Adding photos, pictures, saying or verses to your book, can add a personal touch and really make your gratitude journal a treasure.

Being grateful for what and who is around us makes us better people. We become aware of how even in little ways, our life is a gift. Taking a positive approach will draw positive experiences to us. Writing a gratitude journal is worthwhile and beneficial. So, start noticing today, the abundance of things we have around us to be truly grateful for!

Gratitude Journal

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