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How to Get Good Grades

It is so important at home and at school that children feel valued for all their achievements not only their academic ones. Many children excel at different sports, helping others and playing musical instruments. All of these accomplishments should be valued just as much as an A+ on a report card.

Academic achievement is an important part of schooling. Parents and teachers want children to succeed academically. Often however, greater academic achievement could take place if the emotional side of learning was in place. Children need to feel confident to answer questions, take risks in the classroom and not be made to feel they may be laughed if they make a mistake.

Tips to Develop Confidence and Risk Taking

The teacher is key here to ensuring a learning atmosphere in the class that promotes a culture of learning by trying- this is one of the keys to helping children get good grades. Parents and teachers can do things like saying:

  • There are no silly questions-keep asking
  • It is ok to make a mistake
  • Give it a go
  • We can learn from our mistakes
  • What do you mean by that?
  • How did you come up with that answer?

Another idea to do at home to promote feelings of confidence and pride in all abilities it to have different rewards. Rewarding your child for sharing their toys, helping a neighbor or managing their emotions well is a good way to show that these skills are valued just as much as academic work.

Sometimes children can be taunted or bullied because they are academically bright. In some cases children hide their abilities to avoid this type of bullying. Instead teachers and parents should foster a culture where academics are valued and brighter students can mentor and coach their classmates.

How to Get Good Grades

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