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Kid's Meditations

Reduce Stressful Feelings

Are you wondering about meditation for children? There are many ways to meditate with your children; one of the more popular beginner techniques is a game you probably already play with your child.

Cloud Stories

For this meditation technique you need a fluffy cloudy day, a lush green piece of grass, a blanket and some sunglasses.

Ask your child if they fancy catching some Vitamin D and head outside to lie down on a blanket. As the clouds roll by, strike up a conversation about what you see in the clouds; and ask them what they see too. Then, tell your child that you are going to do it in silence for a while and that you will talk about what you see very soon.

For the next part of the meditation, you will need a timer, crayons or pencils and paper. When you are back inside, start drawing a picture of clouds with your child. Set the timer for three minutes and tell your child to watch the picture, like the clouds outside. Tell them that while they are looking at the cloud picture to think about all the thoughts that creep in and out of their mind. They don’t need to stop them, just look at the pattern of the thoughts.

When the three minutes are up, write some of the thoughts that you have had in the clouds that were drawn on the paper.

You could do this daily; and eventually just do the last parts of the meditation, but my daughter continues to look at the clouds and finds shapes and animals.

Tiger Shake

This exercise can be a lot of fun.

Start with your feet “plastered” to the floor. Pretend that you are a wet tiger. Shake all the stress out of your your body.

You shake your legs first; then shake your arms followed by your entire body. Plant your feet on the floor while you are shaking out your stress.

Repeat a few more times; then lay down on the floor like a tiger would and allow the stress to flow out of your body into the carpet or floor. Think about a tiger lying on the floor completely relaxed and concentrate on your body.

Special Place Imagery

Whenever your child is stressed, getting them in the position where they are able to unwind can be difficult; however if they have a place that is special to them, where they can go just to be quiet and happy it can really help.

We have a massive tree at the bottom of the garden and my daughter often wanders down there when she’s unhappy and when she returns she is more focused and happier.

Having a child think of their special place can make them more focused and give them peace even if they cannot access that area for the time being, for example in the middle of an exam.

As you can see from the above techniques, meditation can be helpful for kids in de-stressing and finding calm.

Meditation is gaining speed in schools as well with more and more teachers offering a meditative time in the classroom-could your child's school offer this?

Kid's Meditation

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