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Learning and Emotions

Research on SEL skills and Academic Achievement

Learning and emotions are closely linked. New research indicates social and emotional learning (SEL) significantly increases academic achievement. Since emotional intelligence is linked to academic achievement so we must teach children to manage their emotions so they can fully benefit from this link. 

Laura Mirsky found in a recent study that:

Children that take part in an emotionally focused curriculum, in comparison with children who do not, improve much more in areas such as self esteem, classroom behavior, social behavior, dealing with emotional issues like conflict, stress and depression. She also found that academic achievement scores were 11 percent higher that is students who did not participate in such classes.

Follow-up studies have shown these benefits last over time.

Rick Pforter, Director of CSF Buxmont School said that when children's behavior is better their self-esteem also increases and they therefore do better academically.

Paloma Gil-Olarte Maquez, Raquel Palomera Mart and Marc A. Bracket, University of Cadiz, University of Cantabria and Yale University (USA) found that:

Only in the last few years have researchers acknowledged that a child’s emotional skills have an impact on these important outcomes. Findings indicate that there are many benefits to SEL lessons in school

Research indicates that lessons on socio-emotional skills aid in increasing students’ performance when integrated into lessons.

The strongest research linked SEL and self-confidence with pro-social behavior and increased academic achievement

Wilson, Gottfredson, and Najaka’s study revealed that social and emotional skills programs increased attendance and decreased the dropout rate

Learning and Emotions

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