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Affirmations to Develop Positivity

Positive affirmations are declarations which are repeated out loud, perhaps on a night or on a morning to empower you and help you to achieve your goals. A list of affirmations can help you develop positivity or anything else you may desire.

There’s a song from Prince of Egypt with the lyrics, “There can be miracles, when you believe; though hope is frail it’s hard to kill. Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe somehow you will. You will when you believe!”

Basically, if you have the mindset that you can achieve a certain goal, that self belief will actually help you to succeed. For example, you could tell yourself daily, “I am beautiful.” If you repeated this for a couple of months, you might start to believe it and it could help build your confidence and self-worth. It doesn’t mean you would be a supermodel in real life, but it provides a good solid base for your confidence.

But how can positive affirmations help my child you ask… Well, our children have so many pressures to face especially during their school lives, and they are often surrounded by negativity, so if we can accentuate the positive by giving them mantras to help them believe in themselves, that has to be a good thing. If children hear something bad often enough, they start to believe it; so if someone calls them ‘stupid’ or ‘ugly’ frequently, they are going to think the other person is right.

Think about it though, how often do we beat ourselves up about things that we think we are not good at? How often do we complain about all the things that we think are wrong with us? How often do our children hear us? The problem with this is that we are actively teaching them negative behavioral patterns and this is harmful to their self-esteem and personal growth. There are so many people out there willing to berate us, and they really don’t need our help, so stop! Next time you feel the urge to pull yourself down, why not say something positive instead? If you can use affirmations that are suitable for your children, you will be teaching them by example.

A List of Affirmations 

  • I am valuable
  • I am a true friend
  • I am unconditionally loved
  • I am intelligent
  • I am beautiful
  • I am worthy of love and friendship
  • I am a kind, caring and decent person
  • I deserve to be happy
  • I have faith in my ability to succeed
  • People like me because of my upbeat, happy personality
  • I feel good about myself
  • I know I am important

Affirmations can be about anything and factor in almost any aspect of your life; however, they must be positive with no negative influences in order to work. You might want to record them onto an MP3 player so that you can listen to them as you fall asleep, or you might want to laminate them onto a card and read them with your child on a night, like a catechism. In this particular case we are teaching our child to believe in themselves, rather than the tenets of religion, which is as important.

List of Affirmations

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