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Signs of Low Emotional Intelligence

Are you worried about low emotional intelligence? EI touches just about every aspect of life. Whether we notice it or not, it has a direct bearing on how successful we are, in our career or personally.

EI is the effectiveness of an individual to respond to one's own emotions and to those of others. It makes a person adept to responding appropriately in social situations.

Having low emotional intelligence, then, has its drawbacks. What are the symptoms of low EI? What are some of these drawbacks and what are some examples? These and other questions is what we will look into.

Being aware of one's emotions and being able to respond appropriately is healthy and important. When this is lacking it becomes very evident. We naturally have thresholds to various things, for example, pain. We eventually reach our limit. Someone with a low emotional threshold reaches their limits emotionally more frequently than someone with a higher threshold.

For instance, someone with lower EI may be easily and frequently irritated, angry or sad. They may succumb more easily to self-pity, jealousy or depression. Life is always putting us in changing situations.

With lower thresholds, a person will find themselves displaying and living these and other types of negative emotions. So, how does this all translate into real and day to day life? Next we will look at some statistics that show just how much of an impact this really has on everyday life.

As mentioned, emotional intelligence plays a large role in business and personal life. To show the drawbacks of low emotional intelligence here are a few statistics to put things in perspective.

To begin, 50% of all marriages end in divorce. An inability to communicate effectively and take another's feelings into consideration have a lot to due with these numbers. Next, 75% of careers are dis-railed due to emotional incompetency. Loss of clients is almost always due to lack of appropriate response to a complaint or situation.

Research also shows that pessimists live shorter and unhealthier lives. They are more prone to depression too. There is no end to the effects of a low emotional threshold.

Patients who have doctors that they feel listen to them and show an interest, recover faster and more often than those who don't. Even for children and young adults, research shows that it is important to enhance skills in this area.

Having low emotional intelligence has its definite drawbacks. The good news, is that it can be changed. Unlike an IQ, you can enhance emotional intelligence by developing certain skills and practice. Those with high EI make people feel at ease.

Others feel comfortable around them and often draw strength from such ones. Remember that an intelligent person is not one who doesn't make mistakes, it is someone who learns from their mistakes and they don't repeat those mistakes.

Low Emotional Intelligence

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