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Managing Emotions

Hints to help with Emotional Management

Follow these simple steps to managing emotions and you are sure to feel more in control and have better results in daily life!

1. Question everything

Ignoring your feelings won't make them go away. They will make themselves felt through health issues, bitterness, and other ways. Don't ignore them, learn why they are there and deal with them.

2. Create your own timeouts

Counting to 100 is not easy but maybe taking a walk is easier. If a problem happens at school, walk down the hall or run up the stairs. You can also say "I can't talk about this now, but we will talk before the day is out." The longer a problem has to fester, the worse it will be.

3. Learn better coping skills

Learn how to control your feelings, especially hot, angry ones. Take a walk to cool off, do something else, or find a social network to help you work through them.

4. Practice, practice, practice

Managing your feelings is different than suppressing them. To manage them takes practice. Remember how long it took to learn to ride a bike? It takes the same time to learn to control your emotions and not suppress them.

5. Don't avoid confrontation

Deal with the problems as they come up. Set them aside for a few hours, if you have to, but the faster you deal with unresolved anger the easier it is to end.

6. Feeling whirlwind

Emotions pass though your mind at a fast rate. The ones that stick around are usually the negative emotions. Reacting to them is the outcome of conflict. If you have to see a professional in cognitive therapy to overcome the negative thought pattern, then do so.

Managing Emotions

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