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Benefits of Massage for Kids

Helping Children Reduce Stress

Doctors and medical practitioners all over the world have agreed on the conclusion that bed-time massage is essential for the optimum growth and development of children.

The concept has been in practice for centuries in the areas of Asia and Africa, who have been using different oils, natural herbs and other tinctures to massage their babies, which is believed to strengthen bones and increases mobility and power of joints.Massage not only ensures the physical health of the baby but also strengthens the bond with parents too and provides a sense of security, love and care between parents and child.


  • Child stay relaxed and start walking at an earlier age
  • It releases the stress of the child and eases him in going to sleep
  • If child goes to bed after a nice massage, he is less likely to have disturbed sleep
  • It provides them a new and better experience of touch
  • The warmth of your finger and love from your touch will help in his mental health and growth
  • It will retain the moisture of the soft baby skin in harsh winter days
  • Proper massage for kids improves blood circulation of the baby and prevents from all seasonal ailments like respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections and chest congestion.

Techniques of Massage for Kids:

  • Ideally set a massage time for your kid. At least 3 times a week is required for a normal growing baby, physically weak babies require more frequent massaging. 
  • Use only baby oil for massage, this is ideally used by most mothers as it contains healthy ingredients that unlike other oils do not cause any type of irritation on the soft skin of kids.
  • It is better to give a bath before massage, especially in winter evenings, most doctors suggest not to give instant bath after massaging.
  • Use only the tip of your fingers and palm of your hands for massage, do not exert extra pressure as bones of the baby’s body are not ossified or calcified by that time and are more vulnerable to fractures than an adult.
  • 15 -20 minute massage is enough for a day. Do not over massage or over rub the skin of the baby to cause rash or skin irritation.
  • Always have your nails trimmed and clean, before massaging your children
  • By taking care of these simple guidelines for massage for kids, you can establish an everlasting and happy relationship with your child.

Massage for Kids

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