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Music and Emotions

Musical Effects on Mood

Music and emotions are strongly linked. Musical therapy has been used for many years now to help calm the emotions and to create channels in the mind. There has been a direct link associated between music and the brain. Music, emotions, and the brain all seem to be connected. There have been a lot of research trying to figure out why it can help calm the emotions and strengthen the overall intelligence.

Children, Music and Emotions

Children have been known to shown a response to musical sounds when they are still inside of their mother's wombs. A lot of parents believe that if they subject their child to the classical tunes of Chopin or other greats of classical songs, that their child will become smarter. This fact has never been proven, but it does not stop parents everywhere from running out and buying a Beethoven CD after their child is born.

Humans And Animals Alike Enjoy Grooving To The Music

While it is quite clear that there is a connection between music and the human brain, that connection has never been made clear. Humans are not the only animals on the food chain that tend to make musical notes. Whales have been known to sing as a way of communicating with one another. Some studies over the past few years have shown that there is a direct connection between listening to musical tunes and the effect that it has on a developing motor system. Music can also have a calming effect on a fussy child or even a fussy adult. The softer it is the more of a calming effect that it can have. Many parents have found that music is very helpful when trying to calm a child that has autism.

The Mozart Effect

Music is not only good for the mind and soul, it can also help improve the overall development of a child. Physical and emotional development can both be helped by listening to it. There are even some folks who believe that having their child listen to music will turn them into a prodigy. This has not been proven, but is often referred to as the Mozart effect. Regardless of whether or not it is capable of making your child a genius, there is no harm in leaving the CD player on for your little way as they drift away to sleep or as they play during their day to day routine. Having them listening to music sure is not going to do them any harm.

Music and Emotions

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