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Nighttime Yoga for Kids

Help your Child Relax before Bedtime for a Good Night's Sleep!

Nighttime yoga is very relaxing for a child. A child’s bedtime routine is very important to them, and to their parents. For the child a consistent bedtime routine gives them a sense of security and lets them know what is expected of them. For the parents it is a time to wrap up the day, and perhaps have some quiet time with their child. But bedtime doesn’t always go smoothly, and sometimes our children are simply too wound up to calm down and prepare to fall asleep at nighttime. For night times like these, this type of yoga for kids can be a huge help. There is a variety of poses you can do with your little ones to help them come back down to earth after a busy day:

1. Pick a Star, Plant a Star – Have kids stand with their feet together hands at their sides and slowly raise both arms until fully extended overhead. Now have them pick a star from the sky. Once they have it in their hands, have them slowly bend at the waste and plant the star in the ground. One star for each member of the family (up to 6). If they don’t have that many in their immediate family it’s nice to use grandparents, aunts, uncles, the family pet or even a favorite stuffed animal!

2. Raining Cats and Dogs – Have your little get down their hands and knees and alternately raise and lower their spine. On the upswing have them look down and on the down side have them look up. Keep the moves slow and controlled and have them breathe deeply.

3. Give Yourself a Big Cuddle – This move begins on your back. Your child can crawl in to bed now and lay down. Get them to slowly draw the knees into the chest and wrap their arms around them, gently rocking from side to side before releasing all the way. Repeat 3 times.

4. Squeeeeeeeze – Still on their back have your child start at their toes and heading up to their head one by one squeeze tightly each body part. Once everything is clenched count to five and from the head down slowly release each part. Repeat 3 times.

Nighttime yoga for kids is a great way to relax your munchkins. Sleeping for kids isn’t always easy and sometimes they need a little help. Do their routine with them and you may find yourself heading to bed early too!

Nighttime Yoga

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