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Poem Therapy 

Reading and Writing Poetry

Emotional health is something that all of us want and strive to maintain. It is even more important that we help our children develop into well adjusted and balanced individuals. This can be a challenge as personalities vary and so do circumstances and experiences. Poetry therapy has proved to be a fun and very successful way of helping young ones develop their emotions. 

Poem therapy has been used as a healing and way to personal growth. Writing and reading poems and literature as a way to express oneself and has a very long history. As far back as ancient Egypt, people have seen the benefit of using words as a way to better themselves.

In modern times it has been gaining attention as a way to help little ones express themselves and become aware of others and their expressions too. Hospitals and healthcare professionals employ methods of poetry therapy to help their patients- young and old. It is a way for individuals to see themselves fully and to be able to explore life. For little ones the journey is a bit different, however the results are impressive and beneficial.

The Purpose and Techniques

The purpose of poetry therapy for kids is to help them to express how they see the world. In the process of writing poems they are able to learn about themselves and push past any perceived limitations. Through reading out loud your shy one will learn to open up more and gain confidence. The art of self-expression without fear of embarrassment will help them acquire vital communication skills.

These communication skills are then honed even further. Children are taught to observe things closely, using their senses and paying attention to detail. They learn to express their perceptions and think out details. As a result they learn to pay attention. When they see or hear words, the meaning is deeper, words are taken seriously. What does this mean? I mean that they become better listeners. Picking up on details such as rhythms and inflection can help them discern emotion. They become aware of what others are saying and how they are feeling. In short, their self-esteem is raised, but they develop compassion and understanding. How about that for well rounded?

Poem therapy is fun for young ones, it is a way to learn, grow and be expressive. Even if a child has emotional difficulties, they can learn to work through these with writing and reading. If you are considering this type of therapy for your child, the benefits to them are truly remarkable and the skills learned will last a lifetime.

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Poem Therapy

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