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Preschool Lesson Plan Ideas

Teaching Ideas for Children Relocating or Moving

This preschool lesson plan idea is related to children who move or relocate. The book Sammy's Next Move is the ideal book to accompany these early years activities.

Make the move as concrete as possible. In the dramatic play area of the classroom set up packing boxes and newspapers, tape, markers… It will be so that children can pretend to pack their house.

Provide the children with a world map. Put small name tags flags on areas where each child has lived. For children who are moving, attach a length of yarn to the pushpin leading to the location they are moving to.

During circle time display a suitcase, ask the children, If you could take one thing in the classroom with you on a trip what would it be? Have the child go get the item and put it in the suitcase. 

Write down what the children collected. Post the list. The parents of the child who is moving can talk to the school the child will be attending; the new school may be able to incorporate the item into the new classroom. The child will be excited to see something they really liked from the previous program.

When a family announces they are going to be moving, the teacher can begin to incorporate simple words, numbers, songs, stories , and photographs of that culture into the classroom.

Try to connect with children from the new location as pen pals.

Let children create a book about the moving process, with drawings and photographs of the old house and new house. What is going to happen?

Encourage children to talk about the move. Discuss all types of emotions -positive or negative. Let children know that it’s OK and normal to experience anxiety. Make a worry jar. Ask the children, what are things you are worried about? Write the answer down on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.

Preschool Lesson Plan Ideas

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