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How to Raise a Happy Child

Children Who Feel Safe and Secure

Happiness is a great thing. To be truly happy means we can overcome the daily grind and worry less. For you to raise a happy child, consider these tips to become a successful parent.

1. Ensure a physical connection with your kids.

Hold them and kiss them when you get a chance, especially older ones who we tend to stop being physical with. A hug goes a long way! Research shows the loving physical touch of parent produces chemicals in the brain that promote happiness. When your children know they are loved it improves their self-esteem.

2. Good communication.

As the parent, you must do what you want your children to follow. Establish good communication so that you will have a good relationship. Create a trust so your kids are willing and able to share with you! When a child feels they can tell you anything they feel more secure and happier.

3. Being honest with your kids is essential.

As they say, honesty is the best policy, which could be also applicable when you want your child to grow up happily. Children do what they see not what they are told. Hence, if they see that you are establishing a life of integrity and respect, their lives would also be like that. A child is happier if he or she has respect for himself or herself and if others respect him or her as well.

4. Attentively hear children.

Really use active listening and understand what they are saying. To raise a happy child, you must know what they feel, how they like to be treated and what they need. As a parent, you must know how to listen to them so that you can guide them well.

5. Interact with your child and their activities.

You can play games, create crafts or go out a walk with them. Doing activities with your kids helps them feel treasured. Always keep in mind that time is the best gift you could ever give someone. Aside from playing with them, you can also have an extra time to study with them or to read books together? 

6. Accept the friends of your child.

You should try encouraging your child's friends to play at your place. To accept their friends is a hint that you trust them when it comes to making decisions. You are there to guide them and not to manipulate them.

Raise a Happy Child

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