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Reflection for Kids

Reflection for kids is a vital skill. You can always take a minute to reflect on what you learned for your experiences. Service learning or community service is a time for the students to think, talk, and write about what they’ve learned while performing this service. Here is a list of ways to memorize the information and to pass on.

Types of Reflection

There are three types of reflection people go through:

  • Cognitive reflection -- looks at newly gained knowledge and skills learned while performing community service.
  • Affective reflection -- looks at what you feel as a result of your experience. Did you learn anything about how you approach, judgment or sensitivities?
  • Process reflection -- think about what you learned from the process itself. This includes how to work with others and understanding how your actions affect others.

Sharing your student’s reflections will help them learn what they have experienced.

Questions For Reflection

Use this to develop reflection skills. What? Why? What will we do?

Here's what to do to make it work:

What? Did you learn anything? What did you do during your tenure? What have you gained?

Why? So did you make a difference? What’s so important? How do you feel about it?• Now what? What's next? Where to go now?

Use the following questions to find out what the students have learned during and after their project:

  • What will you do with what you learned?
  • Do you believe you made an impact?
  • Did you help fill a need?
  • What caused those needs?
  • How are people adding to this issue or need?
  • How are you going to resolve it?
  • What opportunity do you gain with your service experience?
  • Were you surprised by anything? What did that?
  • Have you done anything recently to make a contribution to society? 
  • What and why?
  • Were you helpful or unhelpful to others?
  • How has your view of your community changed because of your contribution to this activity?
  • Will you use your knowledge to teach others about this idea?
  • List the hardest and most enjoyable things in the service you are performing? 
  • How did you do on to the project?
  • Did you find a something especially thought provoking or challenging?
  • What is your perception of your role within this project?
  • Were there any let downs or celebrations in this project? What did you learn from those?
  • Was there a problem or condition you want to talk to your teacher about?
  • How is this activity linked to what you are studying at school?

(adapted from Horizons Learning Project )

There are numerous ways to reflect on the projects you worked in either as a group or singles. You can do other activities before and after the community service part of your project.

Reflection for Kids

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