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Author Linda A. Janssen

Resiliency an important trait in today's world. Few of us live a live a life that glides along smoothly with nary a concern. Most of us regularly deal with the minor troubles and little hassles that pop up along the way. Others face difficult and potentially life-altering events such as death of a loved one, life- threatening illness or debilitating disease, divorce, disability, job loss.

Why do we Need Resiliency?

Regardless of whatever situation you may find yourself in, we all benefit from enhancing our levels of resiliency. This is every bit as true for children as it is for adults. In fact, the earlier we learn to stoke the fires of emotional resilience, the better prepared we may be to handle difficult situations and work our way back to a sense of normalcy.

Improve Resilience by Enhancing Your Core Traits

One way to increase our resiliency reserves is to focus on improving our EI. The name 'emotional intelligence' was made popular by Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and former science journalist for Psychology Today magazine and the New York Times, helped popularize the field with his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence.

Goleman initially defined EI as a series of abilities including self-control, persistence, self-motivation, compassion and zeal. Goleman has made it his life's work to continue the research, writing numerous books in the field.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Increased awareness of our feelings and emotions, and the ability to better manage them, help how resilient we can be. The manner in which we communicate & how others perceive us affects how we feel about ourselves; similarly, what we feel about ourselves can impact how we relate to and interact with others.

Today Goleman remains active in expanding the field of social and emotional learning (SEL) to help educators teach children the requisite skills in this area.

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Linda is co-author of Turning Points published by Summertime Publishing


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