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Emotional Intelligence Resources

Help Develop Children's Wellbeing

There are many tools available for developing children's EQ.

Finding good ideas can be tricky but we have found a bundle of creative resources for you here. There are also free downloads in this page. 

Some of the best resources are those already around your home, puppets, dolls and storybooks all make great tools to develop your child's EI.

Resources from Amazon

You can make many of your own resources too by using a bit of creativity and letting the kids help out! From friendship bracelets to journals, every step you take is a positive one!

Other Great EI Websites

The EI Consortium

Led by Dr. Daniel Goleman, EQ leaders like Peter Salovey, and Reuven Bar-On are on board. Discover the latest research about emotional intelligence in work environments.

Emotional Intelligence Information

Expert Dr. John D. Mayer's website. Information on cognition, affective role and measuring moods.

CASEL : The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

A huge range of resources and tolls for teachers to use at school to develop and read research on social emotional learning and how to integrate it in to schools.

Emotional Intelligence Resources

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