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Developing Self Efficacy for Kids

Enhance Children's Emotional Intelligence

Self efficacy for kids is an important quality that every child needs to have if he wishes to succeed in life. It might sound unimportant to some people but if you show the patience and willingness to develop the quality within yourself, you will understand how good it is going to make you feel.

Someone with a high self-efficacy will be determined and will try hard to accomplish the task they have in hand. On the contrary, someone with a lower self-efficacy will not be able to accomplish a hard task because they automatically develop a feeling that they won’t be able to succeed.

Someone with higher self-esteem will never give in and will keep trying until he succeeds because they have a feeling inside that if they are persistent, then they won’t fail. Sometimes, one success is determined by the many social spheres that come into play upon the individual which directly has an impact on his effectiveness and focus.

There are many people out there who have a low level of self efficacy and they fail to realize the fact that is this factor that is going to leave them a failure for life. Thinking that you are not smart or not enough for the job etc. will only degrade your confidence level and inhibit your ability to succeed.

Creating a personal development plan could help one create a better way to reflect and that is just the start. With self-efficacy your whole life will turn around and so will it influence factors like your goal choices as well as the actions to reach your dreams. Albert Bandura claims that self-efficacy can be improved in several ways.

A good way in this context is to achieve personal success which along with a positive appraisal from others, experiences in terms of seeing mentors and other successful persons and persuasion in terms of positive verbal appraisals offered by others.

Success and self-efficacy bears a direct relationship and unless you succeed, the chances of developing high self-efficacy is not really possible and neither will you receive any type of positive assessment until you meet with any success. It can often be referred to as a psychological concept which is loosely regarded as a personal belief in your own abilities. Bandura also believed that personality is largely based on ones social experience and observational learning.

What is self efficacy? T.N Smalley gives a more brief definition of the concept of self-efficacy and he defines a person’s judgment of his her capabilities is based on a mastery criteria which includes a sense of person’s competence, focusing on the person’s assessment of their ability in performing an action and completing a task rather than making comparisons with other person’s capabilities.

Another relevant factor is that people continue to spend their time worrying about the future and fail to look into their past successes which could actually be a motivation for life.

Always make it a point to look at your past accomplishments because there is a positive vibe that is generated when you see how successful you were and this positive energy will give you the motivation and strength of self efficacy to face any hardship that you are facing now.

Self Efficacy for Kids

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