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How to Teach your Child Self-Respect

Learning to be Respectful of Others

Do you find that your children lack self-respect or have trouble learning how to respect themselves or their accomplishments?

It’s a common problem, but there are ways to give your children the tools they need to be proud of and respect what they do.

Five Tips to Better Self Respect

1.) It is very important to encourage your kid’s hobbies and interests, no matter what they do. Never make them feel ashamed or disgusted with anything they do or show an interest in.

Encourage their behavior and encourage them to find their own hobbies and activities so that they can thrive in them. Don’t make fun of them or belittle them, and don’t make them do things that they don’t want to do.

2.) Don’t insult your children or belittle them for not knowing something. Don’t make fun of their friends or how they dress. Treat them with respect, and they will have respect. Do this from an early age.

Children remember and learn what they see you do, and if you are constantly throwing underhanded insults at your children, that’s going to get into their, and they will start to question themselves.

Let your child know that it’s fine to be who they are and not to feel intimidated or an outsider because of you they are at their core. Not letting them feel comfortable in their own skin can manifest as shame and a feeling of worthlessness that can be very hard to escape.

3.) Don’t make them feel like they can’t have privacy. Respect their belongings and their sense of space. A child needs to feel like it has things of their own, and those things need to be encouraged.

Take the time to learn the names of their favorite bands or video games. Watch their favorite TV shows them with. Validate their interests.

4.) Don’t forget how tough school is on kids. Other kids are mean. If your child is being bullied be sure to seek advice here. It’s a sad truth of life. The home needs to be their sanctuary from that, and don’t be afraid to ask them what’s wrong or how their day want. Maintain a role of parent, but don’t be afraid to let your kids talk to you.

5.) Make sure you let your kids know you love them. Show them affection. A kid needs to hear this stuff from their parents, because if they don’t, they might question if there is something wrong with them. Don’t ever make your child feel like an outside in their own home.

Self Respect for Kids

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