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Single Parenting Advice

Tips for Parents Raising Kids Alone

Parenthood is a massive responsibility, and many single parents are unfairly singled out by some sectors of society as being bad role models and bad parents to boot. There is little one can do to negate the poor image generated by the media; however, being a good parent is not the same as spoiling a child.

Your role as a parent is to bring up your child to be a responsible adult. That’s it! To do this by yourself can be one of the loneliest tasks, and while you can chat with your children during the day, the worst time for feeling alone is on a night when your little ones are in bed.

The hardest part about being a single parent is there is no one to share your worries or stress with, no shoulder to lighten your burden when things get tough!

If you are a single father with an adolescent daughter you might be worried about the hormonal changes that flood in with puberty and how to address these with her. If you’re a single mother, you might be concerned about the similar growing pains of your adolescent son and how best to speak with him about these.

Build Up a Support Network

If you are a single parent, either by accident or design there are some things you need to think about. The first is, get some time for you! You need to build up a supportive network of friends; people who care about you and can empathize with your situation. Whether these are friends from a new community group, or relatives, is irrelevant; although you may find that your problems are trivialized by family members. It is sometimes easier to speak about things that concern you with strangers as they can be completely objective because they don’t know you personally.

By making friends at a local community group, you meet people in similar circumstances to yourself who are happy to get to know you and may even offer to do a babysitting swap so that you can both enjoy a night out.

Obviously, you might want to get to know these people first before you place them in the trusted position of looking after your child. Rely on your instincts, if someone is really pushy about wanting to babysit for your child and you barely know them, it should sound those silent alarm bells in the back of your mind instantly.

However, if you have built a relationship with the person concerned and you can trust them to be responsible in the care of your child, it can be a really liberating to take some time off.

Single Parenting Advice

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