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EQ Blog

Research, events and what's on the world of EQ! It can all be found here on the Emotional Intelligence Education Blog.

  • Amygdala Brain How does the reptilian brain work? Understand your amygdala brain and how they affect emotions.
  • Stopping Sibling Rivalry Stopping sibling rivalry -how do brothers and sisters share emotional bonds? What can parents to do discourage family feuds?
  • Self Awareness Exercise Developing emotional self awareness -Tips, techniques and exercises to build self-esteem and more
  • Teaching Yoga to Children Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and be healthier! Find out about the benefits of yoga for kids here!
  • What is Active Listening Teaching kids active listening skills is vital! Children can learn to really hear the messages others are trying to get through, making communication clearer.
  • Visualization Exercises for Kids Visualization is a great technique to use with kids. Try these techniques to help your child be positive and attract wellbeing.
  • Buddy Program Many schools are now implementing buddy programs to help kids who need support making friends. Read more!
  • Is your Child in a Grumpy Mood? What can you do when your child is in a grumpy mood? Read more here about strategies that work!
  • Therapy Puppets Using therapy puppets is a great way to develop the expression of feelings in kids! Children feel more comfortable expressing through another at time so this is a useful tool at home and school
  • Character Education and Literature Develop perseverance, fairness, courage and more with these character education books

Social Emotional Learning

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