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The Role of Social Emotional Learning In Preschool

Social-emotional learning represents the secret to every child's ability to manage their feelings. It is the key that will allow them to grow and interact successfully with other children. That is why social emotional learning in preschool plays such an important role in kids’ development. Yet, parents do not always fully understand its influence on their children’s emotional growth.

Shouldn’t we let kids be kids?Some people argue that adults should not impose too much discipline or organized learning on young children. They tend to say that kids’ first duty should be to play and discover the world. Yet, many experts have demonstrated that kids acquire most of their habits, beliefs and education before the age of 6.

With this in mind, social emotional learning in preschool gains a whole different meaning. It does not necessarily mean asking our kids to stop playing. On the contrary, it simply underscores the need to teach them skills that will help them play better.

How does it work?This type of learning basically aims at helping children develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. For young kids, it is an opportunity to handle their emotions and their relationships in a way that emphasizes mutual respect.

For instance, developing self-awareness enables them to assess and understand their feelings, their values, and their strengths. It is a way for them to accurately know who they are. It is the very foundation of self-confidence.

Social emotional learning in preschool can also focus on self-management. Any parent who has been through the “terrible two” phase with their kids will probably argue that it is a great skill for kids to develop. Adequate self-management allows young children to control their emotions, handle stress, and control their many impulses. It enables them to calm themselves when they are angry. Most importantly, it leads them to persevere when facing obstacles.

Another critical skill that preschool kids must develop relates to establishing positive relationships. For young children, sharing can often be a very arduous thing to accomplish. Yet, sharing is at the core of any healthy and rewarding relationships. Kids who possess such a skill can resist inappropriate social pressure, they can prevent or resolve interpersonal conflicts, and they can seek help when they need it.

Parents with young children should understand the vital role that social emotional learning in preschool play in their children’s development. It is the key to their future and success in society.

Social Emotional Learning

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