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Stop Bullying

Want to stop bullying at your child's school? Is school safety on the agenda at your child's school? Are there programs in place to stop bullies and to prevent this type of behavior?

There have always been bullies in the school yard, even before schools were invented. In today's world, the chances of your child being bullied are on the high side.

Not because there are more bullies but because of the ways they can bully your kids. Besides the school yard, they now have the internet and social networks, which is one cause of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can be just as detrimental as traditional bullying. The types of bullying can be physical, verbal psychological such as exclusion, and cyber. Bullying causes children much stress and anxiety, which can have a negative effect on their studies, personality, and lead to physical trauma such as stomach aches, rashes, and loss of appetite.

Helping to stop bullying is not an easy task. Boys are more prone to shoving, hitting, or tripping while girls tend to use psychological bullying tactic such as taunting, cruel teasing, and creating ugly rumors.

Sometimes it's because the bullier is afraid their social position will be threatened. They aren't very brave and are often insecure. Sometimes they don't even realize they are bullies.

In today's world, it's easy to be a bully due to cyberbullying. They can create web pages that can say some pretty nasty things. It also gives them a form of security since most people don't know who created the pages.

If your child is a victim of bullies, cyber or in person give them your support and teach them how to deal with it.

  • Don't forget to remind them that the problem is the bully's not theirs.
  • Let them know they can avoid them as much as possible. Not so much they become a coward but just enough they don't show any reaction to the bullying. If a bully doesn't get a response, they often stop due to lack of reaction.
  • Make friends with others the school bully bullies around. If they bully one child, there is a major possibility there are others. Form your own friends and keep away from the bully.
  • Remember -- it's not your child's fault they are being bullied. They problem remains with the bully.
  • Assure your child they are good people and what the bully says is just not true.
  • Teach your child to just walk away. Don't let the taunts get under their skin. Not easy for kids, but the more you feed a bully the more they push. A bully's ego will build the more your child reacts to the taunts.
  • Hitting a bully never satisfies the bully. They will be back for more bullying. If the bully thought your child would hurt them, they wouldn't bully your child. Teach them to turn their backs, after they step away, of course.

If the bully takes the cyber way, just don't read it! They will soon stop when they don't get a reaction. And a reaction is what most bullying is all about.

Teach you kids to talk to you about the bully. It gets it out in the open and calms their stress down. That way they can make the choice of what to do about the bully. Try never to tell your child what to do, but give them options and let them choose they way to go.

We must all work together to stop bullying. It is a social endemic with many victims. Together we can help bring positive change to both the bully and the victim. Stop bullies today! Make school safety a priority in education!

Stop Bullying

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